The shipping date is based on the time required for the soy sauce to reach the best quality. When ordering you can find the estimated shipping date. At the moment, we are forced to work with estimates as we don’t know what to expect and we can’t control the time our barrels will need. Please note that this estimated shipping time is excluding the time required for shipping. If you are in an urgent need for our soy sauce and lives are at stake… please contact us directly at We will do our utmost best to help you out.


Shipping costs for our products are specified on your invoice and based on the destination of your order. We are looking into the possibility to provide our packages with a track&trace code. However… thus far we cannot guarantee that this will be in place when going live with our webshop. Please bear with us and understand that all provided information is an indication and that we cannot guaranty any delivery time based on this information.


If you’re not satisfied with the content (unopened) of your delivery please get in touch so we can find a suitable solution.