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The ultimate tasting collection

Big Green Egg X Tomasu Package

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The ultimate tasting collection by Big Green Egg & Tomasu

What’s in the box?

  • Tomasu Smoking Chips;
  • Big Green Egg – Wooden Grilling Plank;
  • Tomasu Soy Sauce 200 ml;
  • Spout stainless steel;
  • Wooden baking brush;
  • Recipe book. 

The Tomasu Smoking Chips are from the barrels in which the Tomasu Soy Sauce has fermented for at least 24 months. By chipping the barrels afterwards, you can now use them as smoke chips in your Big Green Egg. This creates a unique smoke flavor with nutty tones of the soy. 

If nature gives us such beautiful things, should we not give something back?
Therefore, 15% of the profit of each box goes back into the ground. In 2020 we will plant flower borders along the wheat and soy bean fields in the Hoeksche Waard, which is great for the biodiversity around the fields. By doing this we give something back to nature and we ensure that this piece of land can continue to provide us with tasty and healthy ingredients in the future. 

So thank you for that!

Fermented > 24 months

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