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The four of us didn’t invent soy sauce. We are just trying to do it our way. From soil to bottle. Flavour requires time. That’s why we - from the start - never compromised on quality. No shortcuts, no tricks. Just common sense, a serious dose of DIY, guided by nature and not settling for less.

What started with a simple question - ‘can we brew soy sauce?’ - has become a vertically integrated food chain. This allows us to dig deep and start to understand what it is that we are doing. Yes! It’s true, we are just getting started and are still learning about our own product.

It's the combination of being fully autonomous and novelty that fuels our curiosity. And to be honest… being curious is our most desired state of mind. Curiosity is what keep things moving, it’s what helps us to go even further in understanding the relation between soil health, nutritional value and eventually the flavour as a result of that.

Curiosity is what keeps things moving
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Thomas Uljee Founder & Initiator
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