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ZW MAART 2020 4
Butcher of Blue

Butcher of Blue X Tomasu


Friendship. At a time like this, the most important thing there is. So we’ve created this limited edition Butcher of Blue X Tomasu Soy Sauce. Why? Because we felt like it! Meet our signature soy sauce in a new and limited jacket. Not because it tastes differently… but simply because it looks cool. By our friends, for our friends.

Butcher of Blue is a premium denim label from the Netherlands. The brand started with an incredible passion and love for denim. Butcher takes inspiration from the smallest things, a cupboard or leather sofa can be the basis for a color, pattern or an entire collection. Their down-to-earth view on clothing and style ensures that they translate that inspiration into a wearable product, something that is comfortable to wear and something that makes you feel good.

When working together, we found, that even though we make products that couldn’t be further apart, our values and visions are stunningly matching. Taste, quality and time combined into a quest to make the perfect product.

Butcher of Blue

Our collaboration with Butcher of Blue