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Limited Sweet Spicy Soy Sauce Package

These bottles are an experiment and are made by using own grown peppers. And not just your average peppers! The relentless search for flavor brought us to the pepper collection of the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) who kindly provided us with these varieties. CGN focuses on conservation and use of vegetable crops. And so, it happened that in 2018 we ended up receiving 5-10 seeds per variety. And over the last 3 years we’ve been growing, testing and collecting seeds.

Last year (2021) we finally had enough peppers to create our sweet & spicy soy sauce. Using Tomasu’s signature soy sauce as a basis, the heat is softened, allowing the taste of the pepper to be better recorded and hopefully appreciated. So, there you have it! These bottles are part of a series of extremely rare varieties of peppers.

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