By Joris Bijdendijk - Executive Chef RIJKS® & WILS

Millefeuille of beetroot with Tomasu beurre blanc

Millefeuille beetroot with Tomasu beurre blanc and parsley oil by Jan Kees Steenman

"Beetroot with Tomasu beurre blanc has been on our menu in a variety of forms for several years. Every time we devise a new variation, we think: This is the best one ever!"


Parsley oil
Bunch flat-leaf parsley, 1
Sunflower oil, 100 ml

Large beetroots, 2
Beetroot juice, 1 bottle

Tomasu beurre blanc

Seru dashi, 15 ml
Sushi vinegar, 60 ml
Water, 30ml
Dry white wine, 15 ml
Tomasu Soy Sauce, 15 ml
Unsweetened whipped cream, 30 ml
Butter in cubes, 100 gr