Taiko x Tomasu

Collaboration with award-winning Asian inspired restaurant Taiko

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Taiko is Schilo van Coevorden's leading award-winning Asian-inspired eatery and one of the finest hotelrestaurants in Amsterdam. A chef at the height of his creativity. Schilo is not content simply to seduce. Beauty, flavour, aroma and texture are the instruments he uses to enchant every sense.

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Schilo was one of the first to ever contact us. It was just in the early days. We didn’t have a clue what we were up to when Schilo called us. The last thing we expected was that his team was about to make us ‘ingredient’ of the year. But that’s exactly what happened. So after some back and forward visits it took only a couple of months before we sat down and experienced ‘the circle of soy’. A full menu built around our products.

By choosing Soy, Taiko went back to nature and pays homage to a single bean, the bean that is one of the holy races in China and such an essential ingredient in Taiko’s cuisine. Following the bean’s life circle from a dry bean into a sprout, becoming a plant and growing fresh beans again – these different stages of the bean are all represented in one menu, from appetizers to desserts and from sushi to noodles.

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Next to the menu we’ve created not one, but two products with Taiko’s team. The initial collaboration was the Sea Buckthorn Berry Soy. With a little bit of luck you can still find it in our webshop.

The other soy sauce we’ve created was all about the arrival of spring and rebirth. We’re talking about Hanami, one of the world’s most colorful events. The Smoked Cherry Blossom Soy is an homage to the beautiful ingredients of the spring season and the Sakura blossom.

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