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Charlotte de Witte X Tomasu


Tears of Soy is a limited edition capsule collection between the Rotterdam micro brewery Tomasu and artist Charlotte de Witte.

Tomasu, who’s known for their signature high quality soy sauce and Charlotte went in search of a new twist with her Belgian terroir. That is why Tomasu built a new structure together with Belgian hops. Ideal to spice up your dish.

Tomasu Soy Sauce is the only micro brewed soy sauce in Europe and finds its origin in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They didn’t invent soy sauce. They simply tried to do it their own way. From soil to bottle and knowing that unique flavour requires time. That’s why Tomasu - from the start - never compromised on quality. No shortcuts, no tricks. Just common sense, a serious dose of DIY, guided by nature and not settling for less.

Charlotte de Witte is a Belgian DJ and producer. Her high-energy, driving sets combine hard hitting club tracks, forgotten classics of Belgium’s golden rave era and contemporary electronic sounds.


Collaboration with Charlotte de Witte

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