Charlotte de Witte X Tomasu

Collaboration with Charlotte de Witte


Tears of Soy is a limited-edition capsule collection between the Rotterdam microbrewery Tomasu and artist Charlotte de Witte. This collaboration simply started with a short email in 2020. Obviously, we were familiar with Charlotte and her music. It speaks for itself that we raised some eyebrows after we learned that she was genuinely crazy about soy sauce. And you can trust us when we say, genuinely crazy…..

With that being the best start of a conversation, both parties invited the other party into their worlds. And that, to say the least, kind of clicked. It was therefore, a no-brainer for us to start developing a flavor that would represent Charlotte in a way that we all would be very proud to share with friends, family and obviously the rest of the world.

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But where do you start? Like taste in music… this is also extremely personal. We started off with an open view and developed some prototypes based upon a wide range of flavors. Luckily for us, Charlotte turned out to be rather specific when it comes to flavors. That directed us into the world of Hop. Next to hop being an interesting combination between freshness and delicate bitterness…it’s also quite a cool link to Charlottes Belgian roots.

Tekening Hop Tekengebied 1 Tekengebied 1

When diving into the world of hop we got overwhelmed with the number of options and varieties. With the help of some proper hop experts, we narrowed it down and finally were able to make up our minds. A variety known for its prominent floral tones, with elements of citrus and notes of grapefruit. It’s known for its usage as a classical finishing hop for craft ales.

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So, here we are now… almost 3 years after the first email. Ready to launch this collaboration with Charlotte. We couldn’t be prouder and are very curious to see in what types of dishes this unique sauce will be used.