Big Green Egg x Tomasu

Collaboration with Big Green Egg x Tomasu

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Big Green Egg is the most popular kamado BBQ made of the best ceramics. They have been creating beautiful memories since 1974 and they will continue to do so. Big Green Egg is the original. The Evergreen.

There are plenty of similarities between Big Green Egg and Tomasu Soy Sauce. Such as a passion for beautiful, natural flavors and creating memories with your loved ones. When Michèl Lambermon, head chef at Big Green Egg Europe, returned ecstatic after a visit to Tomasu’s brewery, things started to bubble. We proudly look back on two cool projects we did over the last couple of year (Tomasu smoke chips and an autumn inspired soy sauce) and we can’t wait to launch more.

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The flavors come together in a unique way.
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Michèl Lambermon SVH Master Chef

This year, we proudly announce a new collaboration with Big Green Egg Europe. In the new limited edition Tomasu Smoked Walnut Soy Sauce, these flavors come together in a unique way. What makes the sauce so unique is the beautiful, rich taste of walnuts smoked in the Big Green Egg on cherry wood, harvested on the Arcadia estate – Home to Big Green Egg. The flavors of Tomasu Soy Sauce & Big Green Egg in a bottle. Try for yourself!

The making of Tomasu Smoked Walnut Soy Sauce
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