A relentless search for flavour

All our products are grown in the Hoeksche Waard and brewed in Rotterdam. Ever since 2015 we’ve been searching for flavors. Resulting in a small selection of products including our signature soy sauce. The first and so far only microbrewed soy sauce in Europe.

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All we do is fueled by three major sources of inspiration. First and foremost, there’s nature. By observing nature things become clear. The clarity that nature gives is both abstract and very practical. We believe in the power of evolution and survival and based upon those two it’s remarkable how many answers can be found by observing nature.

With those answers available, all it takes is craftsmanship. In the most traditional sense of the word. It’s the ability to do something well. Craftsmanship can be developed by training the senses. Hence the reason we stay away from automation. We strongly believe that by training our senses we train our skills which then sounds as common sense….

And all the above wouldn’t be possible without time. Time ended up being our most important ingredient. It’s what makes everything we believe in possible. It’s our most valuable asset and it’s what helps us to focus on curiosity rather than efficiency.

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We believe that nutritional value is connected to flavour and that flavour needs time to develop.
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Thomas Uljee Founder - Head of Tomorrow
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From farm to bottle

We are a fully autonomous soy sauce brewery based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since the start we’ve decided not to compromise on quality and to focus on doing each and every step of the process ourselves. Meaning we have our own farm, develop our own seeds, grow (regenerative organic) and brew on our own distinctive way.

What started in 2015 as a simple question (can we make soy sauce?), resulted in the start of a company in 2018 and now in 2022, our products are used by high-end chefs from all over the world. Not only chefs, but also home cooking enthusiasts have found their way to our products.

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